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K9-1 Specialized Dog Training...

Where no dog is untrainable.

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Welcome to the site of K9-1 Specialized Dog Training LLC located  in Peekskill, NY.  Here you will find professional service from a qualified dog trainer you can trust.


Here at K9-1, we train dogs and people for many different reasons. We train difficult dogs to obey reliably off-leash, find solutions for the most extreme behavioral problems, and train dogs for all types of law enforcement and advanced security needs. Rehabilitation for over-aggressive and fearful dogs is considered our specialty. If your dog is a drop out from another training program or too extreme for the recommended veterinary behaviorist you are in the right place.  Seeing is believing so we invite you to visit us any time to watch our furry students happily obeying to softly whispered commands around heavy distractions. We are here to prove that with proper knowledge, respect, and patience… no dog is untrainable. 

The owner of the company, Mike D'Abruzzo, is a licensed veterinary technician, certified trainer, behaviorist, and a skilled dog whisperer. He has been trained in many different styles and methods of training, behavior modification, and welfare maintenance in order to create his own unique approach to humanely gain control and positively change the behavior of even the most difficult dogs.  


K9-1 serves New York City, Westchester, Putnam, Dutchess, OrangeRockland, Northern New Jersey, and Fairfield (Connecticut) counties for private housecall lessons and group training programs.


Away from home "in-kennel" training service is available nationwide.



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Mike's Boys!
James (almost 3 yrs) Patrick (3 months)

For your dog's sake..Please research your trainer.
K9-1 was recently recognized by the BBB for an outstanding customer satisfaction record!

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Here is a peek at a typical training session of two unfinished dogs during in-kennel training.  This will give you an idea of the teacher/student relationship and bond Mike forms with the dogs.  In this clip you will see Mike demonstrate respectful corrections to help the dogs with reliability around a medium level distraction.

This is a video of Zach (Bermese Mountain Dog), Buster (Beagle), and Zeus (Fila Brasileiro).
All three of these dogs were extremely unruly before starting the training.  The video is three short clips demonstrating some standard off-leash control outdoors and work with Zeus's owners.

This is a clip of a young dog starting guard dog training.  You will not see this kind of calm control anywhere else.  Our protection trained dogs are actually safer than an untrained dog.  See why we are unmatched in training quality.

Here's Mike on NBC pet proofing a home.  Nothing too impressive here, but its cool to be on TV!  Keep in mind Pet Proofing is NOT a substitute for proper training.

Here's Mike teaching a puppy to "sit" and "down" in a little instructional clip he was asked to do for Howdini

How to teach a puppy to sit

Here's another clip from Howdini with instruction on how to clean a dog's ears. 

Learn how to brush your dog's teeth in this one!

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