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Our clients' own words...

We Adopted CUJO
The blue text below is a section of the letter given to me
the day Kiko was picked up for initial training:
Kiko Bites When:
-You Brush him
-You squirt him (I've included his detangler)
-Try to move him from someplace or try to get him down from somewhere.
-Someone comes to the door
-Someone comes into the house- after they are seated ANY move they make he goes after them.
-You try to get him away from the door
-He has something of his in or near his possession and you go near him or try to pick it up.
-Anyone steps 1 foot onto our property
-Is near another animal
-You try to trim hair from his face or body
-Danny & I play too rough- he thinks he is hurting me or vice versa
-You say the word: BATH
-He has something he shouldn't and you try to get it away from him
He blocks the door and won't let us leave.  During our normal M-F schedule, he is good after his last walk and goes back to bed.  After we are home from work or on the weekends, if we try to leave together, he blocks the door and won't let us out.  We have to try to sneak out the other door if he doesn't beat us to it and block that one also.  He bites if we try to put a leash on him or if he already has one on and we go for it, he attacks.
If someone comes to the door and we try to contain him, he attacks then as well.
He doesn't like to be picked up and will bite then as well.  If he doesn't want to be pet anymore, he'll bite.
Basically he is moody and bites whenever he gets annoyed.
Owners testimonial:
"...Some friends suggested a dog behaviorist/trainer.  I called them all and got the same response- "oh at that age that is just how he is and you're going to have to deal with it.  He won't change and there is nothing I can do". 
A coworker of my fiancees recommended Mike D'Abruzzo and said, 'he can train anything', so we called Mike.  Mike came to the house, got bit up and agreed we had a severe problem on our hands...When Kiko punctured a vein in my hand I called Mike and told him he can take Kiko.  Mike agreed but only on the condition that when Kiko returns home, we play by his rules not ours...
... our baby came home a changed dog.  We couldn't believe it!  He is still in training but has made progress to the point where other people notice.  We can have company over (even sleep over), play with him, etc.  He listens to us and we are in control of him."
"We owe Mike our deepest thanks and gratitude, for without him, I don't know what we would have done.  Kiko is once again part of the family and will be joining us in his tuxedo next summer at our wedding.
As someone once told us "Mike can train ANYTHING" even CUJO!!!"
Deana Steinberg and Daniel Burrett
Putnam Valley, NY


Barkley, Are You Hunting Birds or Other Dogs?

When we selected eight- week- old Barkley from his litter we had no idea that this sweet, adorable puppy would grow to have such an aggressive streak. In only a few short months we found ourselves with an eightyfive pound lap dog who loved and adored us but who became very aggressive towards other dogs. We were disheartened in the wake of our hopes of running Barkley in AKC hunt tests and other shows; realizing our commitment to Barkley, we began to research various solutions to help him resolve this disruptive behavior. We found Mike D'Abruzzo and agreed to bring Barkley to meet him. We were very hesitant at first- "how could a complete stranger turn MY dog around- will Barkley be the same loving guy who swept my heart away?" Mike quickly assessed that Barkley had a "Fear Aggression" condition. Though Barkley was socialized as a puppy, he still had tremendous fear of other dogs that resulted in aggression. For eight weeks Mike trained Barkley and taught us the techniques he was using. Upon Barkleys arrival home we found that all of his great qualities had never left him, but instead were complemented with almost perfect obedience and respect for Mike. Barkley returned home without missing a beat. He was and still is, alert, happy, respectful, obedient and yes, spoiled rotten! We never dreamed that the improvement Mike accomplished in such a short time was possible. He helped Barkley to overcome his fear and aggression and allowed his spirit to blossom. We are truly grateful! Thank you Mike!

Richard and Teri Falletta

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