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The most complete and professional full service in-kennel training program available anywhere.  Come visit us to see for yourself!


K9-1 is attached to Peekskill Animal Hospital
An award winning animal facility

Our class room - Dog Training Area 51
Custom made for teaching your dog and you

Reasons to enroll your dog in K9-1’s full service training:

1.      K9-1 is one of the most trusted in the industry – if you like our training you will love our customer service.  We are a proud member of the Better Business Bureau.

2.      The most innovative training in the industry.  The ever evolving Foundation Dog Training System (make link) developed by founder Mike D’Abruzzo ensures that your dog will always receive the most up to date training available.

3.      Life time service – K9-1 provides open door hours for supervised practice and support sessions at no additional cost to our clients.

4.      No dog refused – Doesn’t matter what breed, age, or temperament.  Euthanasia is not an option here – all dogs and clients will receive the respect, patience, and guidance they need.

5.      Realistic expectations – we are honest with what we can accomplish.  We do not perform brain surgery on your dog, but we will do the best with what God has given him…which is a lot.

6.      A Healthy dog can live well over 20 years – expert training and guidance is the key factor that will determine the quality of those years.

Details about the program:

Husbandry – Your dog will be housed in a 24 hour inhabited award winning animal hospital.  Fully equipped for any small ailment or emergency, you do not have to worry about the horror stories associated with sending your dog away.  Your dog will leave the program healthier than he arrived to set the pace for a longer healthier life.

Clean Green! – Your dog’s kennel and training environment is only cleaned with non-toxic bio degradable products.

Diet and Health – In order to complete such a demanding program your dog will only be fed the best diet to our current knowledge.  You would be surprised to know how many behavioral problems, poor performance, and aggression issues are directly related to poor commercial diets fed in the US.  Did you know the average dog has the potential to live over 25 years?  It is essential that your dog has a healthy body and mind to be the best he can be.

Your dog will be fed exclusively Life's Abundance dog food and supplements.  These products are all designed to work synergistically with each other.  Therefore, there are no worries of accidentally doubling up and causing imbalances with different types of food and vitamin supplements:

Life’s Abundance Dog Food for all Life Stages – formulated by the highly respected and trusted Dr. Jane Bick’s.  One of the few foods never associated with a Pet Food Recall – this food is manufactured with no corn, wheat, or by-products.  The inclusion of probiotics, antioxidants, high quality chicken protein and fat sources make it our first choice as the bulk of our students’ diet.

Agility joint and ligament health supplement - Our first choice for total joint health.

Tasty Rewards Training Treats – Made from chicken and venison. They’re loaded with proteins, minerals, vitamins and essential fatty acids.  These treats will actually support healthy brain function which theoretically can make it easier to learn!


Standard Training included in all programs – It’s not just about obedience…

Obedience Training – Minimum 2 long sessions per training day

Restless Spirit Training – Minimum 1 Session of teaching proper play and energy release per training day

Social Training – Minimum 1 Session of supervised interaction with other dogs per training day.

Anxiety Balance Training – Structure and long lasting chews and treats are provided during all rest periods in the kennel.

Structure Training – Minimum 3 times per day outside walks/short obedience sessions included during walk.

Environmental Training – Obedience Reliability must be mastered on standard field trips to:

Wooded area hikes, parks, suburban neighborhood walks, urban downtown walks, and crowded veterinary office lobby.

Manners Training – Reduction of jumping, mouthing, bossy behavior, etc.

Pack Training – Your dog will learn his role in the human pack in a way he can understand through subtle passive actions taught through all interactions during his stay.

Training Style –

All training is done using the Foundation Dog Training System TM – developed by Mike D’Abruzzo. This is a complex system that is designed to troubleshoot the most difficult problems and maintain the most reliable obedience and mental balance utilizing the concepts of knowledge, respect, and patience.


Handler lessons –

A well trained dog will only be as good as his handler.  That is why handling lessons are an important and required part of the training program.  These lessons are done during weekly visits and last about 90 minutes.

1.            Balance, Attention, and Active Leadership.

Will cover basic leash manners, reflexive attention to name, handler balance, and effectively enforcing manners toward the handler in a way the dog will understand and respect.


2.            Communicating Right, Wrong, and Direction

Will cover correct timing and meaning of praise, the correct timing and meaning of correction, the correct timing and meaning of a verbal warning, correct way to communicate attention to pointed direction, making the leash meaningless.


3.            Leash Walking

The basics of a formal heel, non-verbal communication to maintain the heel


4.            Off-leash walking

Maintaining a heel without the use of a leash


5.            Sending away and coming

How to get the closest to a 100% recall possible around distractions, sending the dog away to predetermined spots.


6.            Sit and down

Sit and down with no bribery, the 1 hour or more down stay, staying around difficult distractions


7.            Leave it and Have it

Disallowing and allowing engagement with people, food, dogs, toys, etc..


8.            Aggression Control - controlling the instinct *Only in aggression rehab and protection program*

Communicating and enforcing in a known difficult situation that aggression is not allowed and everything will be ok.



Standard Commands taught to dog in program – must perform off-leash around distractions

1. Attention to name

2. No (stop what you are doing)

3. Good girl/boy

4. Free (free from command)

5. Climb (jump and stay on object)

6. off (jump off of object)

7. Sit

8. Down

9. Heel (walk and stay on left side of handler)

10. Come

11. Place (go and lay down on mat/dog bed)

12. Leave it (can't engage)

13. Ok (can engage)

14. out (release)

15. Easy (no aggression) - *only in the aggressive rehab program and personal protection program*

16. Aggression command (secret word to be chosen by client) – *only in personal protection program*



1. Direction - use with place, climb, and future commands (into cars, kennels, rooms, etc.)

2. Slow down (within heel)

3. Speed up (within heel)

4. Fade right (within heel)

5. Fade left (within heel)

6. Come closer (on recall)


The field trip van
Custom designed for safe dog transport

Van features Air Condioner, heat, safety crates,
deep cycle exhaust fan, hygenic fiberglass lining

A Package for Your Needs


 7 week advanced OFF-LEASH obedience program -

(our most popular and recommended program)
In this program your dog will learn all the exercises outlined above.  Heel, sit, down, come, place, "leave it", and climb will all be performed off-leash around heavy distractions.




8 week aggression or fearfulness rehabilitation and management program -

This is a unique program developed by Mike tailored to rehabilitate and manage even the most difficult of aggression and fear problems.  Dogs finish with complete off-leash obedience and  solutions that will directly manage your dog's specific aggression or fearfulness issues.  No program balances a dog better.




12 week personal protection ready program -

This includes everything in the 7 week program and will also teach your dog the techniques needed for effective personal protection work.  Dogs and owners must both meet certain criteria for this program.



Training per day -

Do you go away often for short periods of time?  We will keep record of your dog’s progress and teach him a little bit at a time toward any program or goal.



Specialized Training -

Need your dog trained for a specialized or unusual task?  Mike is experienced in training dogs to retrieve objects, directional jumping, scent discrimination, tracking, poison proofing, trick training, film work, and more.


About our pricing:  K9-1 provides the lowest possible prices that maintain the highest quality service.  Our in-kennel prices include the cost of all training, boarding, food, equipment, and follow up lessons.  


Rosco is ready for dinner and licks his lips
Dogs sleep in a safe, clean, comfortable enclosure


No dog is too bad for K9-1 training!

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