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What is he doing and why?

Q - My dog waits for people to come into the house and will then follow them through the house nipping at their hands and darting away. Why is he doing this?

A - Your dog has what is called fear aggression. This means that he is actually afraid of the person that has entered your home and he does not have the confidence in you to make the decision that that person should be there.

Q - When I bring my dog to the park, anyone that comes near me or my kids he growls at, why does he do this?

A - You have a confident dog that is protective of you and your family. He does not think that anyone present has the ability to lead and protect the family, so he is taking it upon himself.

Q - We adopted our dog a few months ago and he is afraid of almost all men, why is this?

A - Your dog might have had negative experiences with men in the past. This can be corrected with confidence building exercises and learning to trust your judgement.


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