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Private Lessons – An education in advanced training

Private lessons are a great way to strengthen your bond and gain control over your furry buddy.  These one on one lessons are designed to help you understand, communicate to, and train your dog yourself under my direct supervision.  You will be amazed at how much you will learn!  Training your dog yourself is a far different experience than having your dog trained by me in the in-kennel program.  When I train your dog myself, I must only teach you how to be a good dog handler.  These private lesson programs will teach you to be your dog’s handler and teacher – a far more rewarding experience.


A dog trained by you and K9-1:

Will not need a big bag of treats to be bribed into listening.

Will not need to be spoken to sternly, yelled at, intimated, or manhandled to listen.

Will not need a leash attached when you need obedience.

Will not need to be told twice to obey their owner.

WILL listen to one soft spoken command in any environment with the most difficult distractions you can think of.

The best part is the training is humane, respectful, and a bonding experience for you and your dog.


When comparing our training programs to others please don’t confuse K9-1 Specialized Dog Training LLC with:

An ex police dog handler or military dog handler now working as a dog trainer.

A large dog training franchise with strange training gimmicks… like barking back at your dog!

Someone who learned only through reading books, online programs, or videos about dog training.

Someone who uses only outdated WW2 style “command and jerk” choke collar techniques.

Someone who took a private certification test based mainly on a multiple choice sit down exam.

A veterinary behaviorist that uses drugs or euthanasia as the fix for most problems


Unfortunately, there are no government regulated standards for dog training.  Anyone can claim to be qualified or even certified. Some even have elaborate web sites with lots to say but nothing to show. The wrong choice can cause your dog unnecessary stress, limited results, and sometimes even a recommendation for euthanasia!

When choosing any professional you should be concerned with their credentials, experience, and professional record.  Also, see how their clients’ dogs are performing not just their own demo dog.

 Below are some of my private training options and prices.  Keep in mind prices reflect the overhead and cost of running a full service high standard business on a modest salary.  Compare to the professional labor prices of mechanics, electricians, etc.


Prices for training slots:

Training slots are a minimum of 2 hours and we only have a few slots per day.  Be advised that because of the combination of high demand for service and a high percentage of “no show” or canceled appointments all training slots must be prepaid after a confirmation of the available slot is made via email or telephone by a trainer.  Training appointments that are canceled with less than 1 week notice are non-refundable.  Unfortunately, we are unable to make exceptions.  Please do not book a lesson, term, or package unless you are 100% committed to use the service and time slot purchased.


Consult: 3-4 hours $300

The consult is generally all that is required for someone who just needs some guidance and a custom plan to improve common behaviors such as housebreaking issues, separation anxiety, excessive barking, destructive behavior, object stealing, etc.

This consult is also slightly modified as an option for someone to get on the right track with a new puppy that doesn’t have the time to attend weekly puppy classes.   This is called a “puppy consult”.

For most obedience and aggression problems follow up lessons will most likely be required.

The consult generally lasts about 3 – 4 hours depending on the complexity of your goals.  You will be purchasing a 4 hour slot in our schedule.


Follow up lessons: 1 - 2 hours $150

Follow up lessons generally last between 1 – 2 hours with the average lasting about 90 minutes.  During these lessons we work on specific exercises that you will learn to practice on your own that will bring you toward your training goals.  You will be purchasing a 2 hour time slot in our schedule.


Training term - $425 / 4 weekly 2 hour slots

This is an affordable way to book multiple lessons.


Aggression Support Group Classes - $45/month (currently meets Saturday 4 – 5:30pm)

Available after fulfilling the prerequisites of control through private training


Personal Protection Group Training - $100/month

Available after completion of off-leash control in private training and demonstration of reliable aggression control in aggression support group class.  Passing AKC Canine Good Citizen test or equivalent a must before admittance.


Ask about our In-kennel training packages – subject to availability

advanced control package - $5200

aggression rehab and management package - $6800

advanced obedience and personal protection package - $12500


Here is a clip of a group class with three students practicing off-leash control.  A good standardized training style is needed when you want to learn how to train your dog yourself under supervision.  Mike has this down to a science.

These are some aggression rehab and management cases that were worked on in-kennel.  This type of training is now available through private lessons in the classroom and support group classes.

Here's a video of some client's that have trained their own dogs through private lessons with me.  This is three clips of personal protection training.

Here are a few more clips of the advanced training done in the "bite club".  This program is geared through primarily using the dog defensively.  This unlike the police dog which is used primarily offensively or the sport dog which is geared more toward show and not realism.
The style of training developed by Mike at K9-1 is quickly becoming the style of choice for trainers that wish to use the most advanced training techniques while maintaining a calm and respectful relationship with the dog in training.

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