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Trained Dogs For Adoption

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Fully Trained Dogs For Adoption!

Meet Willy!

Willy is a 3 year old Neopolitan Mastiff / Akita mix.  He is a very strong, athletic, and unique dog.  He actually has a blue nose!  This dog was very loved by his former family, but his protectiveness of the family and lack of direction has gotten him in to some trouble.  The best way to describe this dog is very soulful and intelligent.  When he loves you he REALLY loves you.
He has recently finished rehabilitative training that will allow him to be better managed when he feels like he should be protective of his owners. 
Willy is fully housebroken, plays well with most dogs, is now fully off-leash trained, and is tons of fun for a bigger dog.  I guarantee you will never meet a dog like this one again!  I am looking for the right person to guide Willy properly to a happy and fullfilled life.  You will sleep better at night with Willy in your home! 
Please watch the video below to get a better feel for Willy...

Willy has been adopted. Check back soon for our next trained dog for adoption!

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