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Project Solomon

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a volunteer project by K9-1 Specialized Dog Training

King Solomon possessed a ring.  This ring gave him the ability to communicate with animals.  Project Solomon is dedicated to the good that can be accomplished with this power paired with the help of caring individuals and organizations.


K9-1 Specialized Dog Training LLC has future plans of transforming into a non-profit organization.  This would help a greater amount of dogs in need.  If you would like to get involved please contact Mike.


What does Project Solomon do? – Increase the output of rescue systems and decrease the input by:


1.     Rehabilitate and Help Place the Dogs who have been in the shelter and rescue systems the longest (often years) which will than open space for easier to adopt dogs.


2.     Make all the dogs in the systems more desirable for adoption by providing the highest quality obedience training, behavioral guidance, and support for these dogs and their new owners.


3.     Offer free and low cost behavioral consultations and dog training for people who are sadly considering the option of releasing ownership of their beloved pet.



How does Project Solomon accomplish this?


1.     Training participating organizations’ staff and volunteers on the most effective and humane techniques which modify the behavior of and train the most difficult dogs using an easy to teach ten step foundation process developed by Mike D’Abruzzo of K9-1 Specialized Dog Training.  This is the unique system used for dogs who fail under the guidance of traditional behaviorists and trainers.  It works for ALL dogs.


2.     Helping organizations set up a funding system to support this project by increasing their overall intake of donations through a new easy system.



Click here to see available dogs for adoption!

To Participate or for more info call Mike at 914-720-9586 or

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