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Our Training Methods and other FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions...

Why choose K9-1 Specialized Dog Training?


Over the years we have had countless clients who were not satisfied with the methods, knowledge, patience, honesty, professionalism, or results of their previous trainer or behaviorist.  Many dogs labeled as “too set in their ways” or difficult become the pride of their owners after working with us.   Our reputation of being the last resort for many dogs is the same reason why veterinarians and past clients just refer to us first.


What training methods does K9-1 use?


The quick answer is that we use them all.  Every dog is different so we are trained in virtually every method that is out there as well as some of our unique methods found no where else.  The corner stone of our training program is based on knowledge of dog behavior and treating every dog with the respect all of God’s creatures deserve.  We then make a plan from there.  Generally, positive reinforcement based methods are used first to teach trust and exactly what actions we want from them, and then we teach responsibility through gentle corrective based training to create reliability in all environments.  To be sure every dog completes their course with a wagging tail and aura of confidence all dogs and their people will receive the patience they deserve.  We do not cram obedience or muscle the dogs around.  Owners will not be rushed through an appointment or charged for lessons that need to go over the scheduled time.  You and your dog will trust your trainer, we promise.


Will Mike be my dog’s trainer?


Depending on your training program you may work with a trainer that is certified in Mike's methods.  Currently there are only four other trainer's besides Mike who are fully certified in his method and are the only other trainers Mike trusts.  Mike will be your personal trainer for most private lessons conducted at the K9-1 training facility.  Other qualified trainers may hold classes on Mike's time off.



I am interested in becoming a dog trainer, how can I become an apprentice?


Contact Mike.  His methods will soon be the cornerstone of all successful dog trainers.  Here is what his last three apprentices are up to now:


Gary Colorusso – owner of Top Dawg Dog Training.


Earl Dunn – Owner of Custom Canine Training Services.


Steven Kessler - Owner of Real Deal Dog Training.




My dog isn’t aggressive, fearful, or difficult.  Is K9-1 overkill for my needs?


Absolutely not.  The same patient techniques apply to any dog that wants high quality training and will act as a preventative to any potential behavioral problems.



Where is K9-1 located?


Easily located off the Taconic state parkway at 1966 Crompond Road (rt.202), Cortlandt Manor, NY 10567.  We are connected to and provide services for Peekskill Animal Hospital.  Located 3 buildings away from Hudson Valley Hospital.


We are in Northern Westchestern County bordering Putnam county - less than 1 hour from Manhatten, Northern NJ,  and a short ride over the Bear Mountain Bridge from Rockland County.




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