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Bring your dog to us for a unique training experience!


The kind of Obedience Class You’ve Been Looking For: K9-1’s Dog Training Club

Give your dog the education he deserves. Bring your canine companion to “at your own pace” training at our classroom. Join K9-1’s Dog Training Club. A one year membership is plenty of time for you and your four-legged friend to learn how to work together on-leash, off-leash, and around distractions.

We teach you how to combine positive reinforcement based training with the art of respectfully using corrective based training with heavy emphasis on obedience around distractions. Some trainers don’t understand and aren’t properly qualified to humanely do this type of training so it is often left out of their programs.

Our values - Knowledge, Respect, and Patience must be followed in every class for every owner and every dog. There is no yelling, loud commands, intimidation, or over-correcting allowed in Mike’s classroom.

There are 15 different classes that you must work through to complete the course. You must pass a test with your dog to advance to the next level or you may repeat any class as much as you like until you are ready to advance. Each level may be conveniently attended during weekday evening hours or on Saturdays. Skip a week or month and you can always jump back in to the action. Class size may vary from 1 to 4 dogs maximum so that Mike can assure enough individual attention. There are no shortcuts with quality dog training.


Subjects covered:

- How to become an effective leader that your dog will want to follow

- How to manage, prevent, or improve common behavioral problems such as separation anxiety, housebreaking, aggression, fearfulness, and bad manners with people.

- Keeping a dog on a loose leash

- Formal heel command

- Sit stay and down stays around heavy distractions

- The 1 hour and “out of sight” down stay

- Directing your dog to go to and stay on various objects such as mats, chairs, and benches.

- Coming when called, even while on the run toward a distraction

- How to get your dog to respond to one soft whispered command without bribery.

- Obedience around distractions with NO LEASH

- How to use your dog’s obedience to improve both your lives

Requirements -

Dog’s must be current on rabies vaccinations and kennel cough vaccinations.

Owner’s must be in good enough physical shape to be able to restrain their own dog.

Dog’s overcoming a problem with aggression toward people or other dogs may be required to wear a comfortably fitted basket type muzzle for certain classes (phased off when reliability is demonstrated).

Introductory Price Valid through August 06- $995.00 / for one year membership.



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