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Please Research your Trainer before you buy!


We can personally deliver your custom trained dog to you anywhere in the USA.


All dogs guaranteed to:


Obey - your whispered commands off-leash in any environment.


Protect - relentlessly and unmatched until given his "release" command.


I know shopping around for a trained dog can be confusing.  The internet seems to be flooded with dog brokers with fancy web sites, lots to say, and lots of imported European sport (schutzhund) dogs with no real training for the real world unless the bad guy is wearing a sleeve.  How do you know their dogs will perform for you as the obedient companion promised?  Will your dog really defend or just bark and be confused that there isn’t a bite suit or sleeve to play tug o war with?  This is a reality that is often realized too late even with some police K-9s that haven’t had the proper training.


Generally the dogs that many are selling have the quality that I need to START my training programs.  There is a difference between a trainer who can meet your needs and a dog broker who resells dogs with little more than a temperament test (schutzhund) which means the dog’s temperament is worthy of REAL training.  My business is based on quality and not profit.  The price you pay for a dog is based on real expenses and labor of multiple trainers and not just reselling the same dog we obtained with no additional or minor presentation training and a huge mark up.


To do quality training right we generally can have only 2 protection dogs in training at a time.  We try to have different styles of dogs in training to suit individual preferences and needs.


Dogs will be trained to obey off-leash around heavy distractions in city streets, around parks, other animals, and home environments (not just at a training kennel and field).


You will see the dog perform all exercises in all environments and react to a realistic threat to a person not wearing obvious padding.


Also, you will be trained on how to specifically handle our dogs using my unique dog training methods developed here and only used by myself and taught trainers.


I have been in business since 1998 and have to date never had a formal complaint filed against me.  My trained dogs have proven themselves for law enforcement, private security, and personal protection.  You can trust that we will continually raise the standard of how a dog should be trained and properly handled.


If you have any questions or need any advice on obtaining a dog feel free to E-mail me ( or call 914-720-9586.

Available Dogs


These are the current dogs in our program.  Serious inquiries may contact me for more info and requests for specialized additional training.  Deposits are accepted only after a phone interview.  Dogs will only be placed to approved homes or agencies.




Alex is a recent import from Hungary.  He is 2 years old in August.  This is a medium sized, very fast, agile, and strong German Shepherd.


He is in our training program and is scheduled to finish his level 3 protection training by mid summer.


This dog will bond easily to a family, but is naturally standoffish with outsiders.  He has tested good with other dogs and cats.


This will be a good choice for an active person who desires a medium sized shepherd for easy keeping and traveling.



Update:  Alex is no longer available - placed to a home. 

Stay posted for updates on Alex!

Here is a little video lesson about types of protection training.
Video 1 - This is a video of properly trained police K9.  Bites a passive threat on command without any protective clothing.  This is a real bite on a large man putting up a fight.

Video 2 - This is an example of a police K9 that doesn't understand to bite a bad guy without a protective sleeve.  This dog doesn't understand that apprehension work is more than a game of tug o war.  The K9 handler is wearing the yellow in this video.

video 3 - This is a video of some excellent Schutzhunde Dogs at a championship trial.  They look real good, but guess what they just want to rip off and run away with that sleeve.  They are also trained to forget about the weapon hand and believe it is harmless.  This is a sport and the dog thinks it is a game.  This is probably how the dog in video 2 was trained.  These dogs do show excellent POTENTIAL for real training.

video 4 - This is an excellent Shutzhund 2 titled dog.  This video shows what they are barking for ... not the bad guy.

video 5 - This is a dog that is showing proof of attacking the helper without pads ... by using a muzzle.  If a finished protection dog can not show a demo similar to this it not really a finished dog.  This clip is from Lev Praee kennel in Israel and Amnon Ben Izhak founder of the International Working German Shepherd Club.  His article and club information is a must read for anyone wanting to preserve the true working German Shepherd.
The link is:

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